Chocolate Truffles


For the centers:

14 oz. Semi-sweet or good bittersweet chocolate

1 c. cream

5 T. butter, cut up.

2 T. Rum or liqueur, or Ĺ t. desired flavoring

††† (vanilla, mint, orange, Grand Mariner, bourbon)



Cocoa to roll in.

Enough white, dark or milk chocolate for dipping.

Maybe 12 oz.


Chop chocolate.Bring cream just to boil in saucepan.Reduce heat to low and add chocolate.Stir until completely smooth.Remove from heat and stir in butter.At this point you can divide it before adding flavoring if you want more than one type.Pour into pans and refrigerate.(about 30 min.)


Roll into balls, then roll in cocoa.If you donít want to dip them you are done.Otherwise chill for a bit longer before dipping.


For Dipping:

Melt chocolate in double boiler (or a glass measuring cup in a pan of water.)After chocolate is completely melted let it sit on the counter to cool some, stirring occasionally.(10 to 15 minutes)Make sure it is still liquid, but thick. Use a dipping fork or slotted spoon to dip the cocoa coated centers.Make add sprinkles or swirls to identify the types.