Lemon Squares

2 c. flour 1 c. butter (softened)

1/2 c. powdered sugar

grated zest from the lemons used to get the juice

2 c. sugar 1 T. cornstarch

4 eggs 1 t. baking powder

½ t. salt ½ c. lemon juice

Oven 350. Pan 13x9. Zest lemons and juice them to get at at least ½ c. of juice. With a fork or pastry cutter mix butter, flour, powdered sugar and zest for crust. Press into pan, building up ½ inch on the edge. Bake 20 minutes. Beat remaining ingredients with mixer. Pour over baked layer. Bake another 25-30 minutes or until almost no indentation remains when touched lightly in center.