Easy Oil-Butter Piecrust

Betty Crocker with modifications

1 Crust 9” 2 Crust 10” 2 Crust

flour 1 1/3 cup 2 cup 2 ¼ cup

salt 1 tsp. 1 ½ tsp 1 ½ tsp.

oil 3 tbsp ¼ cup ¼ c. + 1 tbsp.

butter 3 tbsp ¼ cup ¼ c. + 1 tbsp.

milk 3 tbsp. ¼ cup ¼ c. + 1 tbsp.

Mix together flour and salt with a fork. Melt butter. Mix in oil and butter with a fork or your hands if needed. Then stir in milk. Form into a ball(s) Roll out as usual. (I use a sheet(s) of waxed paper at the bottom and a sheet(s) of plastic wrap at the top. When removing, remove the waxed paper carefully and then transfer to pan with the plastic wrap on top before peeling it off.)

For a baked piecrust: Oven 450° - 475°. Prick with a fork. For a flatter crust use parchment paper and pie weights for the half of the baking time. Bake for 6-12 minutes (watch it) or until lightly browned.