General Cookie Instructions

Unless specific directions tell you to do otherwise, this is the sequence I usually mix cookies:

  • Mix shortening and sugars (butter should be soft.)(You can melt butter for bar type cookies or brownies. If you do it for regular cookies, you will need to chill the dough longer.)
  • Mix in eggs, flavorings and any liquid ingredients
  • Put in flour and all dry ingredients (except chunky things) on top of the flour. Be sure to crush any lumps in the baking soda or baking powder in the palm of your hand prior to adding. Now stir in dry ingredients starting at the top.
  • Stir in any lumpy ingredients (like chocolate chips or raisins.)
  • If the dough requires shaping, chill a bit. If there is butter in it, stir the dough every 10 minutes or so, so you can tell if it is starting to get too hard to work with.
  • Normally I spray Pam on an "Air Bake" type cookie sheet before putting the cookies on.

    For crisper cookies, use less flour, or don't chill before baking. For a thick, chewy cooky, add a little more flour or make sure it is well chilled prior to baking and don't overbake.

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