Monthly update

Most of my communications has been via facebook.  We are doing well.  Enjoyed the holidays very much.   (A little exhausting for me but it was my choice and I really enjoyed it.)    Got help with important things.  Ben helped with the gingerbread houses.   Eric, Nolan & Claire with some adult support did a great job at decorating.  Sawyer broke up the gingerbread houses for eating  … a great team.  We had the family at our house Christmas Day.  We went to a friends for New Year’s Eve and had a lovely time.

I’ve been eating lunch with my friends, doing a few things for the visitors packets at church, sorting my files and papers (a lot of fun … not!)   Also, trying to avoid my annual paperwork for my business (not a wise choice.)  GVHD is a pain sometimes (maybe an itch is a better word.)

Ed had a big birthday … on Monday he turned 65 … while that isn’t old it does now qualify him for medicare and of course … ALL the senior discounts work.


Ed, Zena & Irene Dec 2010

Decorated cookies thanks to great niece & nephewsWinter sunset on Lake Travis

Gingerbread houses 2010

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