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Make Your Own Lotion Applicator

It is easy to make your own back lotion applicator with a few simple items. If it gets icky you can even remake it with new PressNSeal and tape. You will need:

  1. Press on half of the sponge on to the curved end of the back scratcher (the part that would scratch your back.) If it doesn't stick though the sponge go to the next step. If it does stick through also put the other half of the sponge on the back scratcher.
  2. Wrap the sponge and back scratcher together with PressNSeal. I recommend using at least two layers of PressNSeal.
  3. Using the packaging tape, tape the PressNSeal that is not on the sponge to the back scratcher handle.
There, you are done. Just squirt some lotion on in and use it to apply the lotion to your back. I recommend you use the in the shower in case a little lotion flings off. This is more of issue with thin lotion and less so with a cream consistancy.

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