Quiche Filling       Oven 400


4 eggs                          1 T. flour

1 c. milk                        ½ c. heavy cream

¼ t. salt                        3 T. melted butter


-- Combine above ingredients in a blender.


Prepared crust  (I like whole wheat oil pastry)

½ lb. ham, cubed           ¼ lb. Swiss cheese, grated

  or fillings of your choice.


Spread cheese, meats etc. in the bottom of the prepared pastry.  Pour blender mixture over.  Bake about 30 minutes until done.






Add cooked/cooled/drained vegetables like broccoli or spinach in blender for vegetable quiche. Omit meat.


For meat substitute: Crabmeat or imitation crab meat  or sautéed mushrooms.