Pasta Salad


Cook desired amount of pasta according to pkg. directions.  When done rinse in cold water to prevent sticking. Drain and mix in a tablespoon of oil. Add any combination of the following ingredients (or think of your own.)


Cheddar cheese (in chunks)

Mozzarella cheese (in chunks)

Hard salami or pepperoni pieces or crab meat

Bell Pepper                   Tomato wedges

Raw cauliflower              Raw zucchini

Sliced ripe olives            Thinly sliced carrot slices


Added either bottled herbs and spices dressing or mix up your own.  The salad is better if chilled for several hours before serving.



Homemade Oil and Vinegar Dressing


1/4 c. vinegar (cider or wine)       

1/2 c. water                   1/4 c. olive oil

1 T. lemon juice             1/4 c. sugar

1/2 t. salt                      pepper

1/2 t. basil (fresh if possible)

1/2 t. parsley (fresh if possible)